Don Caine,  music box specialist, has over forty years of experience in repairing all types of mechanical musical mechanisms including the finest Swiss movements, Reuge, Thorens, Lador, Cundet and many others, as well as the movements made on the Pacific Rim by Fuji, Sankyo Orpheus, Toyo & Yungsheng. 
As Operations and Customer Service Manager for Reuge USA,  Don worked intimately with the finest artisans in Sorrento, Naples and Rome Italy while studying their marquetry  procedures.  He spent time in Sainte- Croix Switzerland, France and Germany training in the art of mechanical musical automata,  mechanical singing bird boxes, bird cages and carousel mosques.  Home in the U.S. he continues to be first on their list of authorized personnel, working with Canadian & American collectors and sellers of all these wonderful mechanical musical creations of the past. 

Passionate about his work, he has an almost compulsive obsession with precision and perfection as he  provides repair/restoration services and parts for music boxes, restoring them to as close to their prior glory as possible.

He is known to have said, "In the process I have found that I am often able to bring great joy to people by restoring family heirlooms that sometimes haven't been heard in years; so, on a philosophical level, I guess I make my living by restoring other people's memories." 


​​​​​Though MBRCU may occasionally have a few rebuilt and restored musical items available for sale, we highly recommend that our clients check out TheMusicHouse.com, Inc. for a full range of mechanical musical products including the world renowned Reuge Product Line and Unique Musical Gifts.  We feel that the  www.MusicHouseShop.com  will provide our clients with the same unprecedented and personalized service that they have come to expect from Don Caine and The Music Box Repair Center Unltd. 

In some instances you can be talked through a simple repair at a reduced rate while also saving the cost of shipping.  Please call in if this interests you.

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